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For virtually any after-market air-conditioning component or tool, for passenger car, coach bus, or heavy-duty truck, ANCHOR AUTO PARTS is your top choice for value, convenience, and service. Our reputation for professionalism has been earned and built through top-notch results, achieved daily through great discipline, communication and processes. ANCHOR does this by integrating extensive technical and market knowledge both within our wholly-owned facilities and headquarters, and between ANCHOR and partner suppliers or distributors.

Those fine partners include our Argentinian distributor, Technoair, whose 40 years’ experience has been essential with joint research into and development of several patented items, including A/C and compressor valve detectors. Sources such as these lend help not only with getting ANCHOR products into the hands of end-users, but making sure they are exactly what’s needed, at the right price, and installed correctly. By serving as the key link among broad range of specific skill sets, therefore, ANCHOR fuels an entire network that targets what you need and how you need it - resulting in levels of service and client satisfaction competitors can’t match. By providing “one-stop shopping” of components and related tools, and by leveraging volume purchasing with best-in-class specialized manufacturers, we can’t be matched for overall value either.

These excellent traits haven’t evolved by chance. They come instead directly from Founders Dean Liang and Kitty Cao, each with nearly 20 years industry experience, and GM and Vice-GM respectively. Through firm yet flexible leadership (including by example) and demanding yet encouraging methods, they have actively fostered a self-reinforcing positive cycle. That cycle features direct, clear communication inside and outside the firm to harness accurate feedback to fuel true continuous improvement. The latest step in that evolution is in the creation of ANCHOR AUTO’s self-owned brand, ACTECMAX, to complement our other offerings.

What’s more, ANCHOR multi-language sales/service support (including English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, etc.) is more than just product and logistics knowledge. Our cultural and market knowledge means we understand you and your customers - what you need, why you need it, and how to deliver it to you as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Delivery that, by the way, also beats the competition by being faster and more consistent. Regardless of the product, destination, or date of delivery we promise, we “put our money where our mouths are” with firm written guarantees. We therefore warmly look forward to your inquiry, as we’re confident you’ll find the above to be true, and be on board as our next partner/client. Welcome!